1. We / Us – Hirkani Adventures, team or any team member of Hirkani Adventures
  2. You – You. Participant. A person who are participating for Himalayan Adventure Camp or any other event organized by Hirkani Adventures.
  3. Sahyadri – Sahyadri mountain range
  4. Himalayan – Himalayan mountain range.
  5. Adventure – An adventure is an exciting experience that is typically a bold, sometimes risky, undertaking.
  6. Trek – A trek is long and difficult journey which normally organized to walk in mountains and jungle
  7. Tour – A trip organised to visit a place. This tour may include or excluded trek. Check before registration.
  8. Camp – a place with temporary accommodation of huts, tents, or other structures, typically used by soldiers, refugees or travelling people.
  9. Himalayan Adventure Camp – Camp organized with adventure activities in Himalayan range of mountain
  10. Luxurious – For Himalayan Adventure Camp, luxurious meaning is Mumbai – Manali – Mumbai travel is organized in AC class instead of second class. Accommodation is provided in spacious tent with sleeping bag during camp. Pure vegetarian food will be served during camp. Our campsite is clean and well maintained.
  11. Trek/Tour/Camp Itinerary – Activity schedule of Trek/Tour/Camp
  12. Certified Facilitator – A person who is conducting adventure activity is certified & experienced.
  13. Team Member – A member/s of Hirkani Adventures is present with camp leader.
  14. Trek/Tour/Camp Leader – A person who is leading the trek/tour/camp
  15. Camp Director – A person who directs or manages all events during camp.
  16. Organizer – Hirkani Adventure is organizer of trek/tour/camp
  17. Participation Amount – Amount to be paid to reserve your seat for trek/tour/camp.
  18. No cost EMI – We are not charging any extra cost to pay registration amount in EMIs. After paying booking amount, rest amount will be split in remaining no. of months. No extra cost will be added.
  19. Registration Form – Form to be filled to reserve your seat for trek/tour/camp
  20. Participation Transfer Request – If you are not able to attend trek/tour/camp, you can transfer your seat to any other person. If you are transferring seat after train or bus ticket booking, charges will be applicable as per Indian Railway and bus provider.
  21. Participation Transfer Charges – Amount charged to transfer your seat to any other participant who is participating for trek/tour/camp instead you. For more information, see ‘Participation Transfer Rule and Charges’.
  22. Participation Transfer Form – A Form that participant need to fill to transfer his/her seat to other person.
  23. Participation Cancellation Request – For any kind of reason you are not able to attend trek/tour/camp, you can request to cancel your seat.
  24. Participation Cancellation Charges – Amount to be charged, if you cancel your participation any time after booking your seat. For more information, see ‘Cancellation and Refund Rules’.
  25. Participation Cancellation Form – A Form that participant need to fill to cancel his/her seat from trek/tour/camp. Charges are applicable to cancel seat.


  1. Once you are filled and submitted your registration form for trek/tour/camp, it means you are agreeing with registration, participation transfer, participation cancellation, refund, travel and camp rules.
  2. If we are travelling by Indian Railways/Private/Govt. Bus, we cannot guarantee for the preferred seat. If you are booking too late we cannot guarantee confirm ticket.
  3. Refreshment arrangement in hotel will be made on 4 in one room basis as room will be booked to refreshment only. Male and female arrangement will be separate.
  4. If we are travelling by bus and you are getting sick in bus travel, we are requesting you to carry travel sickness bags with you.
  5. Accommodation in tour/camp is on sharing basis in tent. We will try but cannot give guarantee that you will get accommodation with your family member or friend. Different accommodation for Male and Female.
  6. All food during trek/tour/camp including breakfast, lunch and dinner is pure vegetarian and hygienic. For non-vegetarian food you have to pay from your pocket. Alcohol and smoking are strictly not allowed during trek/tour/camp.
  7. Reporting on time for train, bus and local transport is your responsibility. If you missed train, bus or local vehicle; then you have to reach next destination of travel or direct at campsite of Himalayan Adventure Camp at your own cost. Full or partial Refund is not possible in this case.